Pay your Ambulance Bills Here!

Payments with credit card or PayPal

The Minong Area Ambulance Service is pleased to announce that we can now take credit card or debit card payments for those who need to pay their remaining balance, make payments or are self-payers. Please click the image above to be redirected to our payment site.


Expert T Billing
or call 651-463-3867
fax 651-460-6343


The Minong Area Ambulance Service partners with Expert T Billing for all of our ambulance billing needs. If you have questions, or need immediate assistance with your ambulance bill, please call the contact number above. If you need to speak to our local ambulance billing administrator, please contact Debbie Bouma at: 715-466-2322, or by email: If Debbie is unavailable, please feel free to contact the Village of Minong Clerk Treasurer, Janel Lee at: 715-466-2322 or